Artisan Handmade Jewelry with an earthy bohemian flare.

I am a mother of 4 and a full time preschool teacher, but you will always find me, in my free time, hunched over my jewelry table or devouring the latest fashion blogs and magazines seeking inspiration. I truly believe nothing makes a woman feel more together than the right piece of jewelry, and it is that belief that fuels my desire to stay on trend and provide my customers with fresh and exciting pieces!

I love what I do and hope to one day make my unique and individual, one of a kind handmade boho bead jewelry pieces full time! I create boho bead necklaces, boho bead earrings, and boho bead bracelets. I hope you can feel the love and passion that was put into every piece the team at Soulful-lee yours creates. I am lucky enough to work with my mother who is a wonderful designer and we love coming up with new and innovative pieces and hope that it translates in our art! Enjoy!

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